Number of People in a Room

Total [ 4 Nights]

$ 119 per person

$ 159 per person

$ 238 per person

$ 476 per person


Meal per person 90.00 USD from Wednesday night to Saturday night 7 meals

7 Meals includes:-

June 26th Wednesday (Dinner)
June 27th Thursday
(Lunch and Dinner)
June 28th Friday ( Lunch and Dinner)
June 29th Saturday (Lunch and Dinner)
June 30th Sunday


All rates above assume everyone in the room checks-in on Wednesday afternoon/evening and checks-out on Sunday morning.


Hotel Check in and check out date depends according to the individual interest. You can check in or check out any day but the price will change accordingly. 

The total price for each person will be the hotel price plus the meal.