General Overview

Please take a look at the video titled “How to use this site” located on the home page of this site that shows the various features of this site.

Who is this site for?

This site is built for use for Ethiopian Christian Singers and Musician Fellowship (ECSMF) members and anyone that wants to support this fellowship.  Members can login to this site and create their profile and also view the profile of others. Non-members can view the site, but are not allowed to login and create a profile.

What is the purpose for this site?

The purpose of this site is to facilitate better communication between ECSMF members and provide the tools that allows members to collaborate on projects by forming working groups and communicating and exchanging posts and files with the group.

How do I sign up to use this site?

You can sign-up to the site by selecting the “signup” link in the Member Sign-in area of the site.  If have a Facebook account, you can click the “Sign-in with Facebook” link and enter your Facebook credential to complete the registration.  If registered through the “Sign-in with Facebook” link, then if you are already logged-in through Facebook, the site not ask you for username and password when you access the site.  It will use your Facebook credential to log you in.

Once I signup what happens?

Once you sign-up, make sure to check your email to confirm your registration. Once you confirm, the site moderators will approve your request for site membership and you will get an email that you are approved. You will now be able to login and start editing your profile and view other profiles.  

How do I edit my profile?

Once you login to the site, in the User Menu section of the page, click the “Edit my user profile” link.  Here you can upload a picture for you profile and edit your contact information.

What else can I do after editing my profile picture and contact information?

You are now ready to post articles, blogs and upload audio and video files that allows you to collaborate with others using the tabs provided under your profile page.  You can search for other user’s profile and send them a private message or email to communicate.  You can also see who else is also logged-in and start a chat session with those available online for instant communication.

How do I send a private message or email to a user?

You can send a private message to another user by accessing the profile of the user you want to communicate from the “User list” menu on top.  Once you open the profile of the user, select the “Messages” drop down and select “Send private message” or “Send email to user”.  The user will see the private message you sent when they login next time to the site or access any link in the site.

How do I chat with users for instant communication?

You can chat with users that are already logged-in to the site using the lower right section of the site.  When you login to the site, “Chat Now” will appear in lower right of the page and by clicking it, you can chat with anyone logged-in at that time.

How do I see what others are posting?

The best way to see what others has posted is to go to their profile page and select the “Activity” tab.  You can access the “Activity” tab under the profile picture and clicking the right arrow “>” to scroll to the “Activity” tab.

What are Groups and how do I join one?

Groups are created to facilitate collaboration between a number of users that are engaged to accomplish a shared goal.  If you want to join a group, see the “Group List” and click the “join” button next to the Group. If the group is an open group and any member can join, you will join immediately.  If the group requires approval to join, you will get an email once the group owner approves your request to join.

How do I create a Group if I want to form one?

Please use the “Contact Us” link of the site and specify the name of the group and its purpose.  Once approved, you will be the owner of the group and you will be able to invite members to it.

What can I do once I join a group?

Once you are a member in a group, you will be able to post on the group’s wall for group communication, upload files and videos for the group and setup an event for the group.  If you are a group owner, you can invite other users to be members as well.

I do not get notified when others in my group upload a file or post a message. Why is that?

Please make sure that you have toggled notification to “Notify” on the actions that you want to be notified. In the group’s profile picture, there is a drop down and select “Notification” from the menu.  This will list all the actions that occur in a group. For those actions you want to be notified, choose “Notify” and update your preference by clicking update preference.

How do I donate to ECSMF?

If you are member, go to your profile and at the bottom of the profile page and select the donation amount and click the donate button.  This will take you to Paypal where you can make a donation through Paypal.  If you are a non-member, click the “Donate” link to top of the site and fill out the form and the form will take you to Paypal to complete your donation.

What do I do if I have technical issues or other questions about the site?

Please go to contact us link and fill out the form provide and someone will get back to you using the email address you provide.