The following are the objectives set to realize our mission in Ethiopia, Africa and Internationally.


In Ethiopia

  • Ensure every child in grades 4 through 10 learns how to read, write and play music as well as sing
  • Increase the import of musical instruments into Ethiopia
  • Catalyze the expansion of musical instrument manufacturing enterprises
  • Establish a media production company that is well equipped to provide various services

In Africa

  • Introduce music as a grade school subject in other African nations using Ethiopia’s experience


  • Establish a band with Christian musicians that have Christ-like lives and excellent musical skills
  • Introduce Ethiopian musical scales to the rest of the world
  • Prepare musical concerts that maintain both their Biblical and musical standards
  • Provide seminars, trainings and workshops for Christian Ethiopian singers and musicians around the world. These seminars will focus both on enhancing musical skills as well as leading a Christ-like life.