Strategic Plan

The following are the three year, six year and ten year plan. 


Three-Year Plan

  • Equip all the schools in the city of Holeta and surrounding areas with musical instruments
  • Prepare Christian musical instructors in the area
  • Ensure the school curriculum is crafted by Christian musicians
  • Create the resourcing that will coordinate the aforementioned tasks

The expense necessary to complete the three-year strategic plan is documented in the index section.

Six-Year Plan

  • Ensure music instruction is part of the curriculum in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas. The results from the three-year plan implementation will be important in the discussions with the Ethiopian Educational Ministry to make this change.
  • Improve the music curriculum based on the experience garnered from the previous three years

Ten-Year Plan

  • Ensure all Ethiopian primary schools will have music instruction as part of their educational offering
  • Bring the next generation’s musical skills to the same level as the rest of the world
  • Enhance the Ethiopian music culture through national music competitions among schools